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OOC Information
Player Name: Saffy
Player Age: 24
Player Contact: [personal profile] thrall; AIM: heroic BSOD; EMAIL: jerkbender[@]gmail.com
Player/Character HMD: here
Other characters in game: [OU] Kratos Aurion ([personal profile] cruxified); [OU] Marta Lualdi ([personal profile] arsnova)

IC Information
Character Name: Daisuke Niwa
Character Canon: D.N.Angel; manga-verse.
Character Age/Gender: 15; male.
Canon Point: Post Argentine special/vol. 13.
Character Canon History:


When we’re introduced to our middle school shoujo protagonist, Daisuke is trying to get up the courage to ask out a girl whom he likes a lot. After psyching himself up for a while, he finally did it-- and was rejected. Terribly. That rejection was a catalyst that set off the rest of the story, awakening the cursed being within his DNA and changing his life forever.

But where did it start?

The notion of cursed DNA isn’t a new concept. One could also think of it as the sins of the father being passed down to the son. Hundreds of years ago, when Japan was very different, there was said to be an artist possessing talent that could create life. His name was Hikari, and he sold his soul to the devil for the talent, as if giving the pieces life would give him life as well. The works he created were miraculous, usually based off stories (or perhaps there were stories based off the art?), and all of them had a single thing in common: they were magic. They seemed to possess the viewer so much that a man named Niwa decided to steal the art for himself. It wasn’t that he wanted to commit a violent crime, he simply didn’t feel alive unless he was stealing such priceless art.

Well, when Niwa came to take the magnum opus of Hikari’s art, something went terribly wrong. Either the artist hadn’t finished or he hadn’t added the right touch, but the art cursed them to house the beings called Kokuyoku. They were winged spirits with magic from old, and from that day forward, every son born into either family would inherit the curse brought forth by passion on his fourteenth birthday. The cat and mouse game continued after the revolution and into present day, where we met Daisuke Niwa. The Niwa family inherited Dark, the infamous and ageless phantom thief with dark wings. Whereas Dark was all showmanship and hidden compassion, the Hikari family didn’t fare so well. Satoshi was the young, intelligent, and very powerful heir to Krad-- Dark’s other half, who was apparently insane and hell-bent on revenge.

Even at a young age, Daisuke showed amazing talent and altruistic tendencies; he scaled a very tall fence and bravely ventured into a scary place in order to a stuffed animal for his future crush, Riku Harada.

Daisuke was at first unaware of his heavy destiny, and hung out with his more-forward guy friends, at least until Dark manifested in response to his feelings for Risa. He rebelled against the idea of someone else borrowing his body to do unlawful things, but eventually came to accept it. However, pulling off such late night antics and trying to live a normal life at the same time cost him much, and he ended up not being as careful as he wanted to be. Satoshi, who had been waiting for this moment practically out of the womb, sniffed out the clues and confronted him.

Daisuke wanted to like the guy. He seemed to have no friends and he wasn’t exactly mean, just mysterious and maybe a little creepy/obsessed, but he was a good guy, really! There was just one problem-- he was trying to catch Dark at night, seeing as how Satoshi Hiwatari was the commander of the police force. Kid genius indeed. It made things terribly difficult for Daisuke until Dark managed to win a bet, which would keep Satoshi from arresting Daisuke. It wasn’t impossible for Satoshi to catch Dark, it just made things a little more challenging.

Daisuke slowly began to realize that his feelings were shifting from Risa to her twin sister, Riku, who was more of a tomboy but genuinely cared about the derpy kid. Dark realized this as well, and every night while on the run he’d stop by the sisters’ room in order to turn himself back into Daisuke-- by staring at Riku, no less. She always had a tendency to wake up and accuse him of being a pervert, which… wasn’t far from the truth, and all of this made the love quadrangle even more awkward! Risa had the most fangirl crush on Dark ever, and thus there would be hijinks.

But life went on. Daisuke continued to steal Hikari artwork with the help of Dark and slipped out of Satoshi’s clutches every time. Finally, Satoshi was able to figure out a way to separate host from angel and it would have been golden from there-- it would have succeeded-- if not for Satoshi’s human heart suddenly getting in the way. Daisuke Krad appeared and took out all of his rage on Daisuke, who was pretty much defenseless. He managed to scrape out of it alive, and Satoshi finally allowed Daisuke to break the puzzle and become reunited with his cursed self. He couldn’t have done it without the help of another living artwork known as the Guide of Eternity-- or Towa-chan, as she preferred to be called-- and after the field trip of doom, Daisuke took her home and she became the Niwa family’s maid.

Later on, Riku decided she liked something Daisuke painted. However, it ended up sucking Daisuke into its strange snowy world, where Daisuke met a living piece of Hikari art known as the Second Hand of Time. Or maybe he had been trapped within it? Whatever the details were, he was unable to get out, and had to puzzle out the clues from the play his class was putting on versus the truth of the legend. Mostly he was guided by an intense desire to help Freedert, who was her other half. Outside, steps were being taken to get him out of there, but Dark had to pretend to be Daisuke in the meantime.

Daisuke nearly lost himself inside of it, but Dark and accidentally Riku came to help him. Daisuke ended up being the key to getting them out; he drew Riku’s room, and thus the pair could escape. Daisuke promised to stay behind, and with his family’s help as well as Satoshi’s, Dark was able to find a way to reunite Freedert with her long lost love. Just like Dark and Daisuke were different sides of the same person, there was a darker side to the Ice and Snow story that Daisuke knew. Only with its completion could there be happiness.

However, Daisuke wasn’t the one to save Freedert, or so he convinced himself. Though he had the ability to manipulate “time”, he regretted deeply that he couldn’t have given the two lovers more. Yet the night after Daisuke was released from Freedert’s world, it snowed. It wasn’t a cold snow, it was warm and pure just like the snow in his painting, and he knew it was from the last of the art’s magic. Which was fitting, since his painting had given the art life after so long.

Still possessing that dangerous sense of wanting to help people, Daisuke found Satoshi collapsed outside the school and decided to bring him home. Yes. Home. Into a booby-trapped house with his very disapproving mother and somewhat understanding father. The family treated him very politely, with the sort of nervous smiling one gets when they’re trying to hide something under the rug. In this case, there were traps under the rug, behind the paintings, attached to the kitchen door, and underneath the stairs. And surveillance cameras. In short: Daisuke’s daily life is insane. Satoshi managed to make it out alive, though, and Daisuke felt a little closer to him, even though being friends with a Hikari was deemed “wrong”.

Daisuke had developed a listening problem while being hit in the head by various girlfriends and tripping over himself all throughout his childhood, obviously.

Anyway, Satoshi transferred away and Daisuke had more harem-flavored hijinks, though he always wondered what happened to his stalker friend. Speaking of stalkers, Daisuke had contracted one too, because suddenly Risa got kidnapped, ruining an otherwise awesome date with Dark. Riku was worried sick, literally, and Daisuke & Dark both ran themselves ragged trying to figure out what had happened. Unfortunately this also got negative police attention and Satoshi miraculously jumped back into the plot just in time to save Daisuke’s face! The police went looking for Dark elsewhere and Daisuke, well… he was unconscious, so someone must have brought him home, probably one of his crazy family members who were lurking in the area for Operation: Date.

Though reeling from the energy he expended, Daisuke was determined to go and find Risa, who, like most princesses, was being kept in a tower. Satoshi knew exactly what was going on, and he and Daisuke worked together. Daisuke was very thankful for his help and they had a good talk while they went through various puzzles and tricks and traps aimed to kill any intruders. A rogue piece of Hikari art named Argentine had recently attained a lot of power, and he wanted a heart so that he could have wings just like the Kokuyoku, so he tried to steal Dark’s “heart”-- that is, Risa.

While Risa tried to tell Argentine he was a creep for putting her in pretty dresses, Daisuke and Satoshi downstairs fought for their lives; a simple puzzle had turned out to be much more than that and Krad had to step in to save the two boys. He then tried to kill Daisuke. Again. After all of that chaos, Satoshi and Daisuke had another talk about the origins of the cursed DNA, which Daisuke’s family really sucks at informing him about.

Lastly, Satoshi mentioned that Hikari were all very short-lived and that fact made Daisuke stop in his tracks. Casting aside everything he was taught about how the Hikari were the enemy, Daisuke made a promise then and there that he would find a way to give Satoshi’s life back, to let him live a normal life and free him from his destiny. It just wasn’t fair. This marked Daisuke as a real idiot but kind of an awesome one, too. It really solidified their bond as best friends despite the circumstances.

The peril wasn’t over, not with Argentine still trying to win Risa over. Dark went to save Risa and fight Argentine while Satoshi tried to figure out a way to dismantle his family’s artwork. He found the source but it was too late-- Risa was being her usual useless self, and Satoshi transformed into Krad so that he could save her. Argentine lost all his power and his life, regrettably, but it had to be done. The princess saved and his secret mostly-kept, Daisuke returned home.

He was surprised to find a little while later that there was something haunting the basement. Upon investigation, it was … Argentine! Satoshi rebuilt him with a piece of Qualia-- Argentine’s “Eve“, so to speak-- so that he could be a complete being. And apparently he had one power remaining-- the ability to fix up other artwork. It wasn’t the same as creating art, only restoring it, and the Niwa family had a sad lack of restorative artists. Thus, Argentine became a part of Daisuke’s daily life, along with all the other oddities. Daisuke was a little sketchy about this but no one else listened to him, as usual.

Presumably, life returned to normal, with Daisuke resuming his not single life at Azumano Middle School, Satoshi transferring back in, and lots of ogling art museums for future heists. Er, aesthetic value.

Character Personality:

Daisuke is not a normal boy with a normal life, but he certainly tries. He’s hardworking and earnest most of the time, though he has his lazy moments like any teenager. He’s bright and insightful despite his tendency to miss really obvious things, yet he can formulate strategies and solve complex puzzles on his own if given a little time to concentrate. That doesn’t make him a genius, but it makes him a very good at what he does. Daisuke is, after all, a thief.

Not just any kind of thief. He doesn’t steal from banks and he doesn’t make little old ladies cry… usually. He’s a Niwa, which means that for hundreds of years the males of his family have been coerced into stealing artwork of a peculiar caliber, known as Hikari art. Daisuke is, at first, reluctant to do all of this because-- well, he’s sane, and he has to pull this off in addition to a normal school life. Not only that, but the alternate personality sleeping in his DNA really makes him tick. Daisuke is always drawn to doing the right thing, but Dark always wants to know what’s in it for him, leading them to disagree on several occasions. At the very least, such dangerous work means that Daisuke will bend over backwards to avoid hurting or killing someone, because solving something simply isn’t always the best.

Since light isn’t always “good” in this universe, Daisuke (rather than the angelic creature inside of him) is blessed with a wonderful sense of optimism and the sort of blind determination one needs when confronted with very old and dangerous mysteries. He also possesses a self-sacrificial streak which rubs off a bit sometimes. There is something to be said for trust in the future as well; he is absolutely committed to finding a way to help Satoshi live longer, despite the hundreds of years of history that contradict everything Daisuke wants to accomplish. He doesn’t even know where to start, but he makes naive promises like that, and maybe-- just maybe-- he can make them come true. It’s apparent to everyone around him that Daisuke cares truly and deeply for his friends, even if they don’t care for him back (or even in the right way). For all his incredible awkwardness, within Daisuke rests the ability to change the course of the curse forever.

So he might be talented, and he might have a bit of potential, but Daisuke certainly doesn’t fit the bill most of the time. He likes to pretend that smiling will make him seem mature and responsible and unbothered by everything, mostly to cover up his own concerns. He’s easily underestimated, so at times he’s distracted by proving himself one way or another, though it’s generally in a very quiet and proper way. While he is usually the one to calm Dark down and control him, Daisuke can have his fits, too. He’s still a bit of a kid, not really as mature as his classmate and destined rival Satoshi, which means he has no problems lying about things if it’s needed or if he wants to get out of trouble. He can sulk with the familiarity of any fifteen-year-old, or retaliate when he’s being obviously trolled, but he’s actually non-confrontational to a fault; this leads to one of those hilarious dating scenarios where he has to date two twin sisters at the same time, in the same place, just because he couldn’t bring himself to refuse.

And oh, he has such a hard time refusing anyone. Risa Harada especially. She was his first crush, and despite knowing this, she rather selfishly manipulates Daisuke into doing things for her. They’ve managed to become friends (after much kidnapping and almost-death happened) but most people with a backbone would set her straight if given the opportunity. Her twin sister Riku is Daisuke’s current love and pretty-much-girlfriend, and though she is much bolder, she’s able to keep up with Daisuke quite a bit more-- and might be too smart for her own good. Also, Daisuke was drafted along with the rest of the male cast into cross-dressing for a play the girls put on, and though he was pretty embarrassed about it, he went along with it and put in as much effort as anyone would expect of him.

Daisuke might be a bit wimpy. And he has a hard time spitting out what he really feels. And he trips a lot, and makes a lot of stupid mistakes… but he’s really a boy trying to help people in his own way, either by finding the happiest ending he can for the living artwork he encounters, or calling his friends up every night to talk about nothing at all so that they can feel better. He inspires hope in most everyone he meets and he’s determined to fulfill that promise. Sweet, altruistic, and full of love, Daisuke is an incredible kid on the road to being a mature and influential young adult.

AU Information: N/A
Character Abilities:
Daisuke is a thief. It’s in his genes-- quite literally-- and in his crazy training from his mother. From the time he could walk he began training in acrobatics, lockpicking, disarming and disabling various security protocol. He had no choice in the matter; it was either do or die in his house, considering even the door is booby-trapped to kill someone if they weren’t careful. It makes having friends over very problematic, one could say. He’s skilled in hacking locks if they happen to be electronic, dodging lasers, that sort of thing, and his stamina is a lot better than one would give him credit for.

In a true twist of poetic irony, Daisuke has a talent for making art. It became the focus of one plot arc when he was sucked into the world of his own painting, which inexplicably became linked to a piece of living art and the legend it represented. Although Satoshi is the descendant of a great artist and presumably has that sort of talent, Daisuke’s art has the spark of true genius rather than imitation. He’s rather shy about it, as most insecure artists are, but he keeps drawing anyway. And he’s very good at it.

He's a great cook, too.

Magic is a bit tricky in D.N.Angel. It can be summarized as, "If it's shiny, it probably hurts." Daisuke can summon wings without Dark's aid, but it tires him out a great deal unless he's doing it out of love. Of course, they don't really go into detail about it. Satoshi is seen using more passive magic like barriers and stuff, but summoning one's wings seems to be harmful without the cursed alteregoes involved, or With.

Even if Daisuke is allowed to bring With along, Daisuke still won't be able to use magic or call on With for wings. With's abilities without Dark include: being able to turn into Dark or Daisuke, say a few memorized phrases (like "Daisuki!"), and eating Daisuke's food.

Basically With is there for wings and that doesn't even apply since I'm not apping Dark.


With's default form is a small white bunny-like creature, so Daisuke isn't afraid to let other people see him. His origin isn't explained in too much detail, but he functions as Dark's familiar and helps him with his magical abilities so that Dark doesn't hurt his host. While he might not be from the same artwork as Dark and Krad, he's more than likely a Hikari creation.

As far as personality goes, he's incredibly loyal to the Niwa family and a pretty generic cute mascot otherwise. He can and will follow commands like, 'Go find Daisuke!' or 'Turn into Dark' and that sort of thing. He's afraid of water and scary movies, but he'll still deal with them if he's asked. He's not much to converse with, though, and he's not sarcastic and he doesn't have any real will outside of wanting to eat food and make his owners happy; in short, he's got about as much personality and interest as a house pet.

You may have noticed that his name is strange. The canon can't agree on a translation so I'm going with the most common one. Wikipedia helpfully notes:
There are many translations to Wiz's name: "Wiz", "Wits", "Wiff", and "With". [...] His name is pronounced "With" and spelled "Wiz".

Of course, it's not clear if it's talking about the relatively cruddy anime or the manga.

Character Inventory: His school bag with his sketchbook and pencil case, his lunch, a chunky flip cell phone, and possibly With if it's allowed. |D

Here's an interactive sample from a previous game.


Daisuke slowly penciled something into the sketchbook half-hidden beneath his notes. Whatever the teacher was going on about, it didn’t really interest him. It was just review for something he… probably needed to review, but that could wait. He was a pretty efficient note-taker anyway, and so far the teacher hadn’t said anything he didn’t already have highlighted and underlined somewhere. He sighed a little, and then he imagined, and then he dreamed something onto the page.

Riku was concentrating on a test on the side with her tongue sticking out, and below that she stood frowning with her hands on her hips. But the biggest contribution to the page was Riku’s smiling face with the teeniest hint of a blush; there was a lot of care in the roundness of her cheeks, nose, and chin. She was adorable, and obviously there had been some love in the labor of these sketches.

But Daisuke’s art didn’t have much labor in it, or any sign of being forged or forced. It was fluid and free, an expression of pure joy found in the curve of a line, with enough attention paid to detail that it made even the simplest object seem like something interesting. He had a thing for corners especially, which did not mean he drew a lot of corners so much as really inorganic things and tried to make them seem… well, organic. So there were occasionally empty chairs and tables positioned in the middles of various pages. It gave the pictures a strange sort of loneliness, like the furniture needed someone using it to feel whole.

But the bulk of Daisuke’s drawings were people. All of their faces were familiar to him, mostly because the people he didn’t know didn’t get faces. Typically, the moments captured were ordinary things: laughing with friends, eating bento, stretching. Sometimes he drew Dark as he imagined him flying through the night sky, with great black wings stretching from the moon to the morning star. More than Dark, there were the Harada sisters he’d had so many close calls with. And sometimes, when he could get away with it, he drew Satoshi doing something really mundane like reading. Daisuke’s lips curled into the slightest smile as he spotted a half-finished sketch of exactly that. Satoshi had one eye filled in and completed, and it was focused directly on the viewer-- that is, Daisuke.

Apparently Satoshi had noticed.

The sound of notebooks snapping shut around him brought Daisuke back to reality fast. He hastily closed his notes and started shoving things into his bag. Riku was faster, though, and made a beeline for Daisuke’s desk before he could hide everything. Naturally, the first thing she saw was the sketch of her sitting on top. Whatever she was about to say was forgotten, and Daisuke realized it. A blush jumped to his cheeks-- and from within came a familiar and very unwelcome kind of stirring.

“R-- Riku-san!” Daisuke stammered. “Sorry, I should have asked, but…” Now he stared at the offensive drawings, torn between tossing the whole thing recklessly into his knapsack or pushing it into her face as he made a break for it. Because he knew if he looked up, his heart might do that little skip-jump thing it did before--

You're hopeless, Dark sighed from somewhere in the back of his head, but he sounded more amused than annoyed.

Other Notes: I'm apping Daisuke without Dark. Dark would likely get his own body if brought into Rekindle due to being a different soul, so yeah.
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